I'm Charlie, a dad, a husband, and I'm Muslim because I'm a Yogi. Personally, for me, I adhere to the core tenet of Satchidananda Ashram’s LOTUS Center for World Faiths: “Truth is One, Paths are Many,” which is Quranic with verses such as, Quran 29:69, which states,

... We shall most certainly guide them onto PATHS that lead unto Us ...

Lit., "Our paths". The plural used here is obviously meant to stress the fact - alluded to often in the Qur’an - that there are many paths, which lead to a cognizance (marifah) of God. (Quran Ref: 29:69)

Source: islamicity.org's Note 61 (Quran Ref: 29:69)


Yavapia College

• Since 2008, I have been fulltime college health/physical education faculty at Yavapai College in Arizona, where I am one of the three fulltime faculty members for the department of HPER (Health Physical Education and Recreation).

Tidewater Community College

• From 1999-2019, I was adjunct faculty at Tidewater Community College (TCC) in Virginia. When I lived in Virginia, and taught on campus, I taught an array of activity courses at TCC, but when my family and I moved to Tallahassee, Florida, so my wife could go to school at FSU and I could go to school at FAMU, out of necessity to make money, I developed and taught two online physical education courses: online Yoga and online Pilates, which is when dotcomYOGA.com was 'born.' Then in 2008, we moved to Arizona, where I moved into teaching online health courses for TCC, such as Human Sexuality, Principles of Nutrition, and Introduction to Personal Wellness Concepts. Just recently, after 20 years at TCC, I stopped teaching at TCC in 2019.

My Education

• M.A. in Religious Studies, Hartford Seminary, Ct *currently attending*

• M.Ed. in Physical Education, FAMU, Fl

• B.A. in Philosophy with concentration in Religion, CNU, Va

• B.A. in Recreation & Tourism Management, CNU, Va

• American Council on Exercise, Certified Personal Trainer

• American Council on Exercise - Weight Management Specialist

• Integral Yoga (Satchidananda Ashram via Integral Yoga Style Teacher Training Institute, Newport News, Virginia) - Certified Yoga Instructor

• American Red Cross First Aid, CPR and AED Instructor.

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